03-08 June 2019
Interdisciplinary Summer School on Cognitive Neuroscience, Neuroeducation and Applied Neurotechnologies

An intensive 72 academic hours course (2 credits) course will give students an insight into the state of art in a rapidly developing nowadays and extremely prominent domains of NEUROSCIENCE. During this interdisciplinary summer school, classes by leading researchers will give a broad overview of current research topics and findings addressing multiple research granularity levels in neuroscience and of applied technologies perspectives. Working Language: English

The key features:
Core presentations will be given jointly by Russian and German neuroscientists, cognitive psychologists, psychophysiologists, specialists in neuroinformatics and artificial neural networks. Summer school can help students to unveil fundamental and practical aspects of cognitive and educational neuroscience, psychophysiology, neurogenetics, neuroinformatics, biofeedback, brain-computer interfaces, statistical methods, psychological diagnostics, most prominent neuroimaging methods.

Lectures will be followed by afternoon workshops and hand-on sessions, where students are encouraged to interact and exchange their opinions across disciplines. Some practical classes will be performed in teams where students with psychophysiological, technical or IT background can cooperate and discuss practical solutions of various applied tasks. Summer school provides the opportunity for students to present their own work and to discuss and develop their ideas with academics during project session. They also will have an opportunity to receive feedback from experts in related research fields.

Interdisciplinary Summer School will take place in Belgorod State National Research University, from 03-08 June 2019, 9 am – 6 pm every day.

The Host institutions are Research and Project Centre for Cognitive Neurosciences and Neurotechnologies, Faculty of Psychology of Pedagogical Institute, Institute of Engineering and Digital Technologies.

Who is this Summer School for?
For undergraduate (2-4 year), master and Ph.D students with different educational background (psychology, biology, informatics, physics, robotics) whose field of research interests is cognitive neuroscience and applied neurotechnologies.

Level of Summer School Program
beginning and upper- intermediate levels
Theoretical and Practical Sessions will cover the following Topics
Cognitive and Educational neuroscience, Numerical Cognition, Neuroscience of arithmetic development and learning, Psychophysiology, Electroencephalography (EEG), Functional near-infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS), Neuroinformatics, Biofeedback Therapy, Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCI), Deep learning and Artificial Neural Networks, Statistical Methods

Fee for students: 80 euros
(Fee includes access to all practical classes, workshops and lectures; students hostel accommodation, breakfasts and lunches (according to the time-table), internet access; summer school Certificate.
Please pay attention, that it does not include Insurance, Visa and Consular fee, travelling expenses to and from Belgorod, other student`s expenses)
Lecturers from BelSU and Invited lecturers

Dr. Maria A. Sitnikova
the Head of the Summer School Program, the head of Research and Project Centre for Cognitive Neurosciences and Neurotechnologies of BelSU

Dr. Andreas Hartung
Dr. Andreas Hartung is research associate at Institute Wohnen and Umwelt (IWU) in Darmstadt, Germany. He obtained his PhD in Sociology at university of Tuebingen in 2017. His main research domains are Sociology of Education and Housing as well as Methods of Statistics.
Dr. Christina Artemenko
Post Doc in Diagnostics and Cognitive Neuropsychology Lab, Department of Psychology, Faculty of Science. Research Interests: Neurocognitive foundations of arithmetic; Neural correlates of mental arithmetic in Adults and Children; Numerical Cognition, Numerical Development; Developmental Dyscalculia; Neural, Physiological, and Behavioural Correlates of Math Anxiety; Neuroimaging Methods: fNIRS, EEG, tDCS

Dr. Mojtaba Soltanlou
Post Doc in Diagnostics and Cognitive Neuropsychology Lab, Department of Psychology, Faculty of Science Research Interests:Neural Correlates of Numerical Processing and Math Development; Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience, Child Neuropsychology; Neurocognitive foundations of arithmetic performance in adults and children; Spatial-Numerical Associations; Neural, Physiological, and Behavioural Correlates of Math Anxiety; Linguistic Influences on Numerical Cognition; Neuroimaging methods (fNIRS, EEG, tDCS)

Prof. Dr. German Nemirovski
German Nemirovski currently works at the Faculty of Computer Science, Albstadt-Sigmaringen University (Germany). Research interests: Web-based applications, Semantic Web, Data Mining, Artificial Neural Networks, Business Informatics, Business and Security Analytics.
Cultural program
Includes afternoon and evening sightseeing:
A walking tour of city center of Belgorod,
A tour to Belgorod state local history museum,
Visiting small rural communities and experiencing elements of traditional life in those communities

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